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Specializing in antibodies and standards for proteinase and proteinase inhibitor research

For the past 30 years we have been developing products for research of proteinases and their inhibitors, Triple Point Biologics strives to be the best and most inclusive resource for proteinase research. You may know our products best from buying them from our distributors. Over the years we have sold products through Sigma Chemical Company, Cedarlane Laboratories, Chemicon International, Fisher Scientific, Abcam, Amersham, Cosmo and a wide range of other distributors that put their own branding on our products. We may be the best reagent company you've never heard of! These antibodies and purified proteins have been used in thousands of publications, and we are proud to have been a part of the vital research these labs conducted.

We have completely revamped our products to respond to our customers' needs and requests. Now, all of our products are provided in a kit format, to provide the maximum in support.

After listening to our customers' needs for our "one best antibody" to each protein we are introducing an entirely new method of antibody production, the "Superpooled" antibody kits. These SPA products are a pooling of the different domain-specific polyclonal antibodies for each target protein. The SPA antibodies provide enhanced signal-to-noise ratio comparable to whole-protein polyclonal antibodies, but with predefined epitopes.

Our Antibody Test Kits (ATK products) are a kit composed of a small aliquot of each domain-specific antibody, so that IHC users can affordably determine the best antibody for their immunohistochemistry applications.

We continue to produce antibodies to the range of human proteolytic enzymes and their endogenous inhibitors, and in the near future will have completed a complete set of antibodies to cover the human Proteinaseome (AKA the Degradome). If you do not see your target enzyme or inhibitor on our list, let us know, and we will make the antibodies. Likewise, if you have need for purified proteinase or inhibitors, let us know, and we will do our best to address the need.

We have introduced a search engine to help sift through the confusing range of trivial names, and find products. We have also included a shopping cart, to make ordering more efficient. In addition we have included a language translator, so please let us know how that works!

We hope the redesigned website and the addition of the many new products will make your research more productive. Please let us know if you have suggestions to improve the website, or our business in general.

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