We are often asked for the origins or meaning of the company name, Triple Point Biologics. The name resulted from a combination of 3 influences:

A Triplepoint is the physical state at which the phases of a substance merge together, and from this point one can enter different phases by changing the environment. Like this basic physical principle, moving through the phases of research involves an understanding of the environment, and the ability to respond to changes. Our company was founded with the goal of providing the tools to assist in your efforts to meet these challenges.

Triple Point also refers to the grammatical term ellipses …, which indicates a continuation of thought, or more to come.

In basketball, a 3-point shot is a long shot, which if completed is more valuable than a standard bucket.

Triple Point Biologics began in 1994 to provide reagents to study the Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their endogenous inhibitors (TIMPs). We produce antibodies and purified proteins for the research community to explore the role of MMPs and TIMPs in the wide range of normal and pathological conditions found in nature.

Our company has been proud to be the first to provide a number of these reagents, and we will continue to be your best resource for MMP and TIMP products. As the family of proteolytic enzymes and inhibitors expands, Triple Point Biologics grows to fulfill your research needs. Look for our new antibodies to the Calpain Proteinases, and upcoming antibodies to the ADAMs Proteinases and Astacin Proteinases.

As always, we want to remain responsive to your research needs. If you do not see a product that you need on our list, let us know.